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The Sinful World 

In this superficial world

Satan twists the truth around 

To make the righteous suffers injustice 

It is a world full of smiling faces 

Yet, their hearts are crocked

Full of envy, hatred, and anger 

It is a world where it is difficult to discern truth and lies 

within the imperfect actions of self-righteous people 

People who claim whatever they want to be

Utilising the various masks to cover up their true selves 

They are full with lies, self-deceits, pride, and self-justificiation

Would they ever consider that the Living God will judge? 

Would they even care that He exists and sovereign over the matter in Heavens and on earth?

Would they know that God tests and seeks after their deepest hearts? 


This is the world that we live in

A world full of vanity, unfairness, cruelty, and lies...

A world full with people who are condemn to Hell out of their very own actions

Who would be able to save us from the 'Everlasting Lake of Fire'? 

Who would be able to teach us about the righteousness and truth?

Who would be willing to share with us the true love of Heavens?

Yes Lord, we need You to come back

Yes Jesus, we repent because of our sins that You have to be crucified on the cross, and

Yes Lord that we are waiting for Your Second Coming to save us once again from this sinful world...



God is my rock and my Salvation forever,

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D.

This poem was written in 2009 and was updated in September 11, 2017


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