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Ailin & Kenneth (Bali, 2014)

Philia Earth  is a company with a vision and missions given by GOD to Ailin and Kenneth to mitigate the climate change and to reduce the social-inequality in the built-environment with a unique approach of: "Research + Practice + Technology" with the goal in 

ADVANCING HUMANITIES FOR A THRIVING WORLD. The formation of the company was facilitated by GOD, as it was incorporated exactly on Earth Day (April 22, 2016) in Hong Kong. Since the establishment of this company, Ailin and Kenneth together with the team members at Philia Earth experience so many miracles that we could only attribute the Lord's favour, grace, and provisions being pour out to this company. Their next goal is to nurture and educate generation alpha to be global leaders who are literate with SDGs, equip with the skills to fulfil God-given talents to live a purposeful and meaningful life (

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