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Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share about God's special love for women at The Little Church World's
women fellowship. I covered the lives of women in the Old Testament (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Queen of Sheba, Esther, Isaiah's wife, and Hosea's wife) and the New Testament (Mary-Jesus' Mother, Mary & Martha, Samaritan Woman, Adulterous Woman, Generous Poor Widow, and Mary Magdalena) where God's glorious plans
were slowly revealed in their lives. 
Praise the Lord for the honour to share
the gospel for women's fellowship of The Little Church World in Hong Kong.
In this sharing, I covered the amazing
stories of women's in the bible who experienced GOD's love despite their
difficult situations and the society's 
Women in the Old Testament, stories that were covered:
Tamar; Rahab; Ruth; Bathsheba; Queen of Sheba; Esther; Isaiah's Wife; and Hosea's Wife 
Women's in the New Testament, stories that were covered: 
Mary (Jesus' Mother); Mary & Martha; Samaritan Woman; Adulterous Woman; Generous Poor Widow; and
Mary Magdalena 
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