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Living by the Grace of GOD 

Day by day, we live our lives 

That fills with spectrum of colours: 

laughter, joy, tears, struggles, and challenges 

How often that we look to the Creator's face

and ask Him for the Heavenly silence, 

unanswered prayers, and reasons for life's difficulties? 

Only to find that our Beloved Lord always work in secret & 

in His heavenly timing. 

What is eternity in comparison to our limited mortal life? 

We cannot even understand the grasp of God's brilliant thought 

using our limited intelligence. 

So we ask again, what is the purpose of our lives and 

what is the reason for our suffering? 

Only to find that our Lord looks at us with a smile and a loving face 

while saying: 

My child My grace is sufficient for you

As My thought is not your thought and 

As My plan is not your plan 

For while we are seeking a comfortable life 

The Lord God gives us one challenge after another 

To train us to become more and more into His likeness 

For Christ comes to serve and not to be served 

To bear the cross of the sinful world 

To live a humble and a difficult path of life

That is ultimately to led others to a glorious glory of 

purchasing our salvations from death 

How about us who claim to be His followers? 

Are we ready to bear our own cross? 

To wash other people's feet? 

To love our enemies? 

To thank God for life's difficulties? 

And to finally understand that to be mature in Christ's character

it is to always remember that God is already giving us enough love and grace

Through sending His One and Only Son

It is our responsibility to be faithful in facing any difficulties 

With Faith, Hope, Love, and Thanksgiving 

Lord, thank you for the challenges and difficulties 

For we know that the process of growing up 

is never been easy, but the eternal reward from You shall help us

to continue this journey of faith 

Until we return to Your Eternal Kingdom 

                                                                      Thanks be to the Holy Spirit for 

                                                                       the divine inspiration to write

                                                                       a poem that I shall need it to cheer-up

                                                                       my self during tough time, 


                                                                       Ailin Iwan 

                                                                       December 25, 2011  


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