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Dare to Dream

Life full of mysteries 

Life full of challenges

Life full of excitements 

Life full of opportunities

We often wonder...

Which dreams that God puts into our hearts

that worth to pursue ?!? 

that worth to fight for ?!? 

Youth is so precious and yet youth is passing away so quickly...

There are many dreams and visions that we would like to accomplished 

Yet, we do not know which dreams that would come true? 

Yet, we do not know which dreams that would be blessed by Heavens?

Only when our dreams are aligning with the Heaven's will 

Then, there will be fulfilment for such dreams

Just like Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph 

Whose dreams were blessed by the Heavens

The God of the Heavens and Earth 

The God of the Universe also has a dream

His dream is for an ideal world 

His dream is for a peaceful world 

We, as His people often wonder...

When would God's dream for an ideal world would come true?

When would God's vision for a peaceful world would be realised? 

While most nations rise with conflicts with one another? 

While many people are still full with hatred, jealousy, and anger?

While many people are caught up with pride, sex, and money? 

While people behave like prostitutes before God?

While our youth are influenced by drugs, lust, and guns? 

This is certainly not the ideal world that the Lord has envisioned? 

This is certainly not the Heavens on Earth that He has in mind for creations?

Yet, sadly the world is still somehow tricked by the enemy 

As a bride who is taken from her bridegroom 

Would the world perfect herself to be more beautiful? 

Would the world cleanse herself to regain her purity? 

Would the world share the vision of her Creator? 

Would the world adorn herself with clean-linen of righteousness? 

Let's dare to dream beautiful dreams!!!

Let's dare to dream ambitious dreams!!!

Let's dare to work hard to fulfil our dreams!!!

For a better life

For a better family 

For a better nation, and 

For a better world 

Let's align our dreams with the Heavens' dreams

Let's dream together inside the territory of God's Kingdom

Let's dream together through uniting our hearts with our Creator

Let's dream to establish Heavens Kingdom here on this earth


Only then, a better world can be accomplished

Only then, we as God's beloved people can achieve harmony 

Through synchronising our pace with the Heavens' movement

Through understanding a deeper level of the Heart of God...

Thank you Lord for inspiring me

to write this poem through learning 

more about Your beautiful will

in our finite time on Earth,

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D

(poem was written in 2005 and revised in 2017)


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