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Repented Heart

People live their lives with their own self-righteous perspectives

They think that they have done the best that they could do

Utilising their own strength and their own power

Yet, if they do not involve the Creator...

It is very difficult to justify their so-called righteous lives?!? 

It is because the source of righteousness comes from the Lord alone

He is the GOD of all creations

He is the One who creates us with His purpose 

He is the One who deserves our devotion in all of our entire lives

Often, people do not realise about this...

They simply continue to dwell making mistakes by living ignorantly 

They use their free-will to choose either to believe or not to believe in the Lord

People suffer as consequences of their own wrong behaviours and sins

The sufferings that happen in this world, however, will be consider nothing

compared to the eternal suffering in the fire and furnace of hell 

The Lord GOD tries to bring people back to HIM 

Yet, Satan, the fallen-angel, again and again deceives people

Human beings' spirits are so precious 

that GOD will never ever given up on us

as long as we never given up on HIM 

GOD loves for us is stronger than anything else in the world

including death itself 

For CHRIST has conquered death to open the gate of Heavens 

Forever and ever...

The only thing that GOD is waiting for is for His people 

to come back to HIM with repented hearts

HE knows that unreported hearts will not lead people to life

But, only to the path of deaths

GOD is love and HE is and HE will forever loving us...

Thank you Lord for the inspiration

for this poem as I realise that I love You 

forever and ever

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D.

Poem was written in March 2011 and was revised in August 2017


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