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Dear friends, 

In 2014, my parents and I visited Gereja Kemah Injil Indonesia Jemaat "Bukit Shalom" Ubud. 

It was a really good service and such a privilege to have Pastor Bill Schneider to recite my poem at the end of his sermon. 

Bali is a beautiful island with majority people who believe in Hindhuism. It was not easy for us to find a church. Thankfully, I have contacted Pastor Bill whom I met at Gereja Kristen Indonesia in San Francisco several years ago before this trip that we could find a Christian Church in Bali. 


Below is the link for more information about their church:

Dear friends, 

In 2014, we visited Pastor Kadek and his wife who adopted and raised children from the street together with their biological son. Pastor Kadek was a Hindhu before he was converted to Christianity. He could be reached by the information below:  


Foundation Budi Suci Dana 


Jln. Kenyeri No. 14 Klungkung Semarapura

Bali, Indonesia 80714

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