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From Garden of Eden to The City of Zion


God puts all of us in our own Garden of Eden

It is truly our responsibilities to care for our Garden of Eden

Should we take care of it or should we destroy it?

Shouldn’t we love our own garden of Eden?


Don’t even spend a second to talk to the serpent

Who puts doubt into our hearts of God’s perfect will for us

God’s only want to bless us and give us bright future

He gives us responsibilities to care for the place where He locates us


The Kingdom of God is here and now

The Kingdom of God is on Earth as much as it is in Heavens

Shouldn’t we take care and love His creations?

Shouldn’t we be thankful for His grace and provisions?


While the first Adam failed

Jesus Christ, the second Adam succeed

While the first Adam was banished from Garden of Eden

The Second Adam, Jesus Christ, was given the key to enter back to Garden of Eden


God is the Chief Architect of Zion, His Holy City

The foundation of that city is Faith

The key to enter that city is His Son, Jesus Christ

As He is the One who has transformed the curse to blessings


For those who live under the leadership of our Shepherd King, Jesus Christ

Let us take care our own Garden of Eden

Let us be thankful for what we have

Let us be responsible to our calling, tasks, and responsibilities to live, love, and pray

Finally, let us set our heart and mind to Jesus Christ who shall take us to Zion: His Holy City

Thank you Lord for inspiring me to take care

the place that You give to me

to love and nurture its people

I shall do it whole-heartedly,


Angelina Martha Ailin Iwan Poon

(August 24, 2019)

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