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The Little Church World

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The Little Church World started life as a house church in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in 2008 by Jim and Elaine Pounder. The home church became known as The Little Church of Abu Dhabi because it described the fellowship so well. A move to Hong Kong in 2012 led to The Little Church World (TLC World) being registered and founded on 31st October 2013. TLC World replicates the original concept by ensuring everyone is welcomed into family groups small enough to really care. TLC, famously known as an acronym for ‘tender loving care’ also captures the essence of TLC World. So what does TLC World have to offer today? They are a community of little churches and fellowships in the physical and virtual world. Join them as they strive to reach the unreached and teach the reached.

Ailin and Kenneth joined TLC Lingnan Campus outreach and fellowship (2016 to 2017) and received much blessings from our involvement. Kenneth was baptist at Golden Beach by Jim (founder and leader of TLC) and Kenneth Lee (elder of IBC-HK). It was Jim and Elaine who introduced us to St. Andrew's Church-HK. Ailin and Kenneth often seek their prayers and advices in regards to life and spiritual questions. We admire their approach to self-funded the church through a bivocational ministry as Jim is always work full time in the academic field. Jim is also our company's (Philia Earth) senior advisor. 

Today, Jim and Elaine live in Fiji island where Jim is working as Acting Vice Chancellor at Fiji National University. We are so thankful for the love and friendship over these years.

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