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Perfecting Uniqueness 

Just as the stars dust, unique in each own, holistically beautify God's universe

Just as each plant, different in each own, yet together they create a jungle 

Each one of us has our own individual personality and unique role in this world 

Each one of us exist for a given time period bestowed upon by the Divine One 

None is above the others and none is less than the others 

We are all created uniquely with a purpose 

A divine purpose to give the ultimate glory for the Creator 

He, who loves us even before we were born

He, who gives us the seed of life: body, mind, soul, and spirit 

It is us who shall seek His ultimate will 

Through finding out the purpose and the meaning of our lives 

It is us who have to take the responsibilities to work hard in maximising our potentials 

To live a life without regrets 

It is us who shall refuse evil desires and all kind of temptations 

To live a blameless life before GOD and mankind 

It is us who shall nurture our: body, mind, soul, and spirit 

To live a balance life reflecting the His Divine Godliness 

Only then, we can be assured that death is not the end of everything 

Instead it is the beginning of all 

A channel to our new lives: The Eternal Ones 

A new life where we shall be together with our Lord in His Heavenly Kingdom 

Let's continue to perfect our uniqueness modelling the perfectness of Christ Jesus

As a new polished creation who can always brings a smile in Our Lord's face. 

Thanks be to the Holy Spirit for 

the poem's inspiration 

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D

written on March 28, 2015

in the airplane from Hong Kong to Dubai

revised on April 13, 2015 and August 5, 2017 in Hong Kong

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