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The Fulfilment of GOD's Will


The Earth is the Garden of Eden 

That I have created for My glory 

That I have created for My people to enjoy...

Yet, people have abuse my garden 

with various pollution and irresponsible actions...

It is not possible for people to go back to the past time period

Yet, people should be able to transcend from their three dimensional world 

To the fourth and fifth dimensional world 

This is the Spiritual World where I live...

Yet, people live physically that they do not have

the ability to live closely with Me

They do not even recognise that I exist, declares the Lord...

Why, O why would you break My heart in this way? 

You are My beloved people

You are My beloved children

You are My beloved brides 

Satan has tricked you in so many ways

to make you afraid to live closely to Me, declares the Lord... 

Why can't you rebuke that low level of spirit?

I have given you the authority through Christ Jesus? 

Ah, this is all because you have not yet repented from your unrighteous actions

That is why you are still so filthy and dirty with various sins 

These sins have create distance between US, declares the LORD...

Oh My people...

Come back to Me and live with Me eternally

Oh My beloved children...

Come back to Me and learn the manners of being princes and princess of Heavens

Oh My beloved brides..

Why would you choose mortal beings?!? 

While you could marry the Heavens' Prince Charming?

Who loves you as His very own brides and 

Who have purchased you from the filth of your sins 

Who have protected you from all evils from generations to generations

Who have sacrificed His very own self to save your lives from eternal death

Who have cared for you since you were in your mothers' wombs? 

Your Prince Charming, the Lord Jesus Christ, is now on the throne

He loves you with the upmost spiritual love

That is not tainted nor corrupted like your earthly love from mortal lovers

He loves you with the upmost sincere desire to see your well-being all of your lives 

It is Our Lord Jesus Christ alone who deserves our hearts and devotions...

Oh My people...

Do not be foolish and dumb!!!

Come back to your senses and 

Live as human beings!!!

Live as My beloved brides!!!

in My Heavenly Kingdom: Heavens on Earth...

Transform yourself to acquire Christ's perfect characters!!!

He is My first born Son and My only Son, declares the Lord...

Oh My people...

It is I who created the Universe

It is I who created the Galaxies 

It is I who created the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

It is I who created the Earth 

and it is I who give you life

Why would you worship anything else but Me? 

Why would you get caught up in the physical world that only offer mere entertainment?

What enjoyment that you found there that have eternal values? 

Oh My people...

Come back to your senses!!!

You were created for My glory...

You were created to be the temples of My Holy Spirit...

Your bodies are the houses for Me to dwell...


Yet, you have corrupted your bodies

with various trash of sins?!?  

Your minds are created to understand the Heavenly knowledge 

Yet, you entertain your mind with evil desires?!?


One day, when you found that your spirited up in Hell

You would ask Me, why would I have not save you then?!?


Then, I would declare to you...

Did not I sent You many prophets as My messengers?!?  

Did not I sent You Jesus Christ, My only Son, as Your Saviour?!?


Why don't you believe?

Why don't you realise?

Why don't you quickly search and seek My face?


I am your GOD - the Creator of your life!!!

I am your GOD - the Comforter of your life!!!

I am your GOD - the Saviour of your life!!!

Today, I want you to realise your position

through Christ Jesus, who reigns on the throne 

who loves you as His very own

You are loved not only as My spiritual children

You are loved as My own beloved spiritual brides 

the brides of Heavens...

Declares the Lord, the Holy Trinity!!!



Thanks be to God, the Father for Your unfailing love,

Thanks be to Holy Spirit, for Your beautiful inspiration and grace,

Thanks be to Jesus Christ for His compassion, faithfulness, and righteous judgment,

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D.

The Poem was written over a decade ago and

was revised in August 2017



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