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Please pray for us to receive the right inspirations from the Holy Spirit in how to further develop SSV online ministry according to the Lord God's will and not simply our own thinking and ideas. Please pray for us to receive the wisdom in discerning the materials that we will share. 

Thank you for your prayer, Spirit Shines Christian Ministries has been registered as a 501c(3) non-profit organization in God's perfect timing. Please pray for us to have the resources that we need to develop this ministry according to Heaven's will. Please pray for us to have a physical place to worship and organize fellowship to grow Spirit Shines ministry according to Holy Spirit leads.  

Please pray for the people who encounter our website to receive much blessings and be able to use Spirit Shines' resources to develop their faith, accept Jesus as their Saviour in their hearts and minds so they will be able to understand Christ's love and walk intimately with Him.



We will appreciate your kind donation that will help to keep our website alive and to further grow Spirit Shines Christian Ministries activities such as bible drive, producing bible studies, and so forth.

Donation can be send with
Zelle to this email address: 

Thanks! Message sent.

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