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I cannot claim that I know a lot about the Bible or acquire any profound theological trainings and my sharing mostly will be based on

experiences of cultivating my relationship with God that at some-points full of challenges, a detour of misinterpreting the Bible, and even following wrong teachings. Somehow, through God's grace, He directs me to find my way back to Him. I try to be genuine with what

I know and what I do not know as I can only rely on Holy Spirit to inspire the preparation of testifying for the Lord and use me as His vessel. I pray for the people who might be listening to me to receive the messages that God wants them to realise. As I continue to learn how to live in obedient to God's words while we are still living in the physical world, I also will continue to share what I know to help others in their faith journey. I welcome any speaking engagements to share the gospels with different topics or poetry recitals. May the Lord bless you abundantly as we cultivate the land to expand His Kingdom together. 

Ailin Iwan Poon 

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