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Kowloon, Hong Kong

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St Andrew’s is an international, evangelical, English speaking Anglican church that serves Hong Kong for over 110 years. The church is united in their belief in Jesus Christ, with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. They are a community devoted to Jesus Christ, who share His gospel, calling on people to follow Him, and seek the flourishing of Hong Kong and beyond. There are 4 English Sunday Services and 1 Mandarin Sunday Service. Their current leaders have solid biblical knowledge and compassionate hearts to minister to the city. Vicar: Pastor Alex McCoy; Associate Ministers: Sok Han Yong; Alistair Gibbs; Darren Pollock. 

St. Andrew's is our family home church and our daughter (Melissa Judith Poon) was dedicated in St. Andrew's by Pastor Alistair Gibbs. We have been attending their Sunday Service faithfully since around December 2016. Ailin joins women's growth group led by Megan Mc. Coy and receives many spiritual and emotional support through the sisterhood bonding in this group (mostly are mothers). 

International Baptist Church is an English speaking, multicultural, and family oriented community that loves to worship, fellowship, and study the word of God. 


Their vision is to glorify God as one caring community of disciples. Their mission is to establish and unite caring communities within IBC, Hong Kong and beyond which are rooted in the Word of God, the love of Christ, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, transformational discipleship, prayer and worship.

IBC-HK was our home church from 2012 to late 2016 when we felt the calling from the Lord to seek another spiritual home and we found St. Andrew's Church-HK. Ailin was baptist at IBC in July 7, 2013 by the belated Pastor Dan Williams. Many IBC members under the leadership of Pastor Dan and Anita Williams were very supportive with our campus out-reach through Spirit Shines Fellowship (2013 to 2016). 

Ailin and Kenneth also joined fellowship at IBC led by Elder Samuel Lam in 2018. The Ladies Fellowship Leader, Fiona Lee, is Ailin's prayer partner and best-friend. There are so many brothers and sisters at IBC whom we love and continue to stay close in prayers, friendship, and fellowship. 

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