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a poem for my beloved husband: Mr. Kenneth K.Y. Poon

A Thousand Poems; That Are Not Required  

How shall I express my love to thee?

Thy has kindly love me with a tender-loving kindness

Thy has kindly care for me with the utmost gentleness

Thy has loves me with a Godly love 

How shall I return thy love to me?

Thy loves me with all thy might

Thy loves me with all that thy has 

For better for worst 

May the Lord blesses thee all of thy's life

May the Lord blesses me all of my life 

For thy and I are one

For the Lord has granted us the Sacredness of Divine Love

The love of a Godly man and a Godly woman

in whom the Lord would be pleased

As He has granted us the eternal love of the Heavens

As a husband and a wife

United in the Heavenly love

Thy does not requires me to write a thousand poems

Thy does not requires me to perform a single act of superficial nor performance love

Thy's unselfish love does not require me to kiss thee when I do not feel like to 

Thy sacrificial love has liberates me from the bondages of my past 

The bondage of fears for rejections...

The bondage of fears of failing to perform...

The bondage of fears for failures itself...

Thy love is divine and pure

For thy is my blessing and precious gift from our Lord

to be my one and only husband in this earth 

whom I have been praying for 

since my childhood years 

The Lord has prepared both of us for each other

since we were in our mothers' wombs...

I love thee

Now and forever more

I love thee

in the love that the Lord has inspired within my heart 

and within the boundaries that the Lord has given to us

in our mortal lives with the hope 

that our love shall be honour in the immortal world



with much love

in the Lord Almighty,

Ailin Iwan Poon, Ph.D.

your beloved wife 

poem was written on October 27, 2016 and was revised on August 15, 2017 

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